Two papers from our group at COMPAY (MICCAI ’21) and one paper at CDPath (ICCV ’21)

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Registration in Theelke et al.

We are happy to announce two papers presented at the COMPAY workshop at the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) conference 2021 by Christian Marzahl and Jonathan Ganz:

Robust quad-tree based registration of whole slide images
Christian Marzahl, Frauke Wilm, Christine Kröger, Franz F Dressler, Lars Tharun, Sven Perner, Christof Bertram, Jörn Voigt, Robert Klopfleisch, Andreas Maier, Marc Aubreville, Katharina Breininger


Automatic and explainable grading of meningiomas from histopathology images
Jonathan Ganz, Tobias Kirsch, Christof Albert Bertram, Christoph Hoffmann, Andreas Maier, Katharina Breininger, Ingmar Blümcke, Samir Jabari, Marc Aubreville

Just a few days later, Luisa Thelke and Frauke Wilm presented the paper

Iterative cross-scanner registration for whole slide images
Luisa Theelke, Frauke Wilm, Christian Marzahl, Christof Bertram , Robert Klopfleisch, Andreas K. Maier, Marc Aubreville and Katharina Breininger

at the CDPath workshop at ICCV.

The papers are the result of a strong cooperation with Marc Aubreville (TH Ingolstadt), Christof Bertram (VetMed Uni Wien), Robert Klopfleisch (FU Berlin) and Andreas Maier (Pattern Recognition Lab at FAU).