AIMI @ BVM in Braunschweig

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Researchers from the AIMI and TH Ingolstadt at BVM in Braunschweig

At this year’s workshop “Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin” (BVM) AIMI and AIMI-affiliated researcher and students presented their work on different topics across (bio)-medical imaging.

Jonas Utz presented McLabel, a local thresholding tool for efficient semi-automatic labelling of cells in fluorescence microscopy. McLabel is a free and open source (GitHub) plugin for the imaging viewer napari and can be installed from PyPi. The tool was developed in cooperation with Stefan Uderhardt‘s group from University Hospital Erlangen.

Frauke Wilm presented the multi-scanner canine cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma histopathology dataset and the pan-tumor CAnine CuTaneous Cancer Histology (CATCH) dataset.

AIMI-affiliated researcher Jonas Ammeling from TH Ingolstadt presented his work on attention-based multiple instance learning for survival prediction on lung cancer tissue microarrays.

Jonathan Ganz, also an AIMI-affiliated researcher from TH Ingolstadt, presented his work on deep learning-based automatic assessment of AgNOR-scores in histopathology images. Jonathan received the price for the best scientific contribution, congratulations! For a summary of the article, visit the joint blog of the AIMI & IMI group.

Congratulations also to all other awardees, including Anna-Maria Wölfl from FAU’s Department AIBE, who was recognized with the BVM award for the best Master’s thesis. Mareike Thies from FAU’s Pattern Recognition Lab presented work about trainable joint bilateral filters with Fabian Wagner as the first author for which they received the best presentation award.

If you want to learn more about our work, check out the related papers and/or contact us directly.

Thanks a lot to the organizers of this year’s BVM – we had great discussions and are looking forward to BVM 2024 in Erlangen.